What is Blue Valentine Productions?

Hi. My name is Benjamin McPhail, the owner of Blue Valentine Productions. I created this website to show some of the many things Blue Valentine produces and introduce as many people as I can to some very hip music. I consult with radio stations helping to develop their playlists and strengthen their position with in their communities. I help stations and other media secure licensing of music for various projects.  I also assist with both audio and video recording, editing and copy writing. I have written everything from commercials to web content to periodicals

I have over twenty years of experience in the music business as an award winning program director, music director, producer, writer, voice talent, master of ceremonies and disc jockey. I have worked at stations as large as KBCO, KRSH and KCUV to little ones like WKRK in Murphy NC, which I programmed as an affiliate when I oversaw a satellite radio network.  I was the first DJ in the world to play David Gray, Norah Jones and Jack Johnson. Keep checking in you never know when the next big discovery will be played at Bluevalentineproductions.com.

The website is an extension of my passion for music and pop culture. So, don’t be surprised if you occasionally see film references, something about cycling or football and yes, there will be plenty of South Park references as well (I went to C.U. the same time as Matt Parker and Trey Stone). By the way, the name Blue Valentine was taken from my favorite Tom Waits record not the film, which, in a strange coincidence was produced by another C.U. alum ( I think Coloradoans like Tom Waits for some reason). Thanks for stopping by, if you like the site please tell as many people as you can and feel free to contact me with questions or comments. Thanks again.

Benjamin McPhail


8 Responses to What is Blue Valentine Productions?

  1. "Wild" Bill Cody says:

    Benji, love your new Blue Valentine Productions website and best of luck with your new company. Combined with your experience and knowledge of the music business, this sucka will take off like a rocket!

  2. Valjean says:

    What a joy to find someone else who thnkis this way.

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  4. I really like what you’re providing here. Keep going that way. Take care!

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  6. I have been visiting this unique blog for quite a while now, and I cant believe the fantastic info you’re posting about! You now have a regular visitor in me!

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